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Rafting in rishikesh, rishikesh rafting, rafting fun in rishikesh, rafting masti in rishikesh, rishikesh rafting, rafting at rishikesh


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Rafting in Rishikesh

White Water Rafting has become very popular adventure water sport in India,  In season time there are plenty of colorful rafts moving from Kaudiyala , Marindrive or Shivpuri to Rishikesh end , generally one raft can carry 6-8 rafters at a time, There are one instructor & one rafting guide on raft while rafting, All rafters has to wear safety helmets, life jackets for rafting , Every rafter has one rafting paddle in his hand , Instructor gives 5-10 minutes safety briefing to start rafting trip at Rishikesh. White water rafting can be done by any body aged between 13 year to 50 Years .

Adventure Activities in Rishikesh

Now Rishikesh has many other adventure activities too with camping & river rafting like mountain biking is done near Mohanchatti in Rishikesh, very soon Bunjee jumping will be operational near Mohan chatti near Rishikesh. Rock climbing & Rappeling , Valley crossing is done near Shivpuri. Slithering or Bridge fall is also availble at Marine Drive ( 27 Kms from Rishikesh). Short Trekking to water fall is awesome and one can also enjoy canoeing near Rishikesh.

Rafting & Camping Packages Around Rishikesh

Luxury Riverside Rafting Camp near Rishikesh

VNA Camps & Resorts , Marine Drive near Rishikesh

Rafting at Shivpuri Rishikesh

Camp Rafting Masti Shivpuri Rishikesh
Ganges Music Camp Byasi, Rishikesh
J 2 Adventures Rafting Camp Byasi , Rishikesh
Alpine Star Rafting Camp Shivpuri, Rishikesh
V N A Rafting Resort Marin drive Rishikesh
Logout at Work Camp Marin Drive, Rishikesh
Budget Rafting Camp Shivpuri, Rishikesh
Bharat Bhoomi Guest House [ GMVN ] Rishikesh

Rafting Camps near Ghattu Ghat Rishikesh

Aspen River Rafting Camp Ghattu Ghat, Rishikesh

Rafting at Kaudiyala near Rishikesh

Hotel Shiv Ganga [ Budget ] Kaudiyala , Rishikesh
Tourist & Rafter's Camp Kaudiyala, Rishikesh
Rimo's Rafting Camp Kaudiyala, Rishikesh
Camp 5 Elements Kaudiyala, Rishikesh

Rafting Packages : Day Rafting Packages for Rishikesh Rafting

Adventure Activities: Para Sailing & Hot Air Ballooning at Rishikesh

There are many destinations for white water rafting in India , but most of them are functional in Monsoon only , but opposite to that Rafting at Rishikesh is available rest of the year accept Monsoon. Rishikesh has become most famous destination for White water rafting in India, People say Rishikesh Rafting is most enjoyable rafting in India, One has a option for cliff jumps, because water is deep & calm on certain places, One can enjoy body surfing in deep water and water is insect & reptiles free ( Reptiles can't live in cold water).

Adventure lovers love to raft at Rishikesh is, Superb world class rapids like Wall, golf course, rollercoaster , daniel's dip three blind mice etc.

Rafting season starts at Rishikesh in Mid September to 30th June, Rafting is closed at Rishikesh in Monsoon season because of water level is too high .

Beach Camping at Rishikesh

Rishikesh Rafting has one specialty , Its Riverside Rafting camps on Ganga Beach,  Beach Camps are riverside Eco Camps located right on River Ganga , In Ganga Beach camps tents have bed facility separate toilets tents & Shower Tents, Electricity is not available in tents ,these camps use lanterns as light source, There are separate dining tents in Ganga Beach camps , Play area for beach volleyball, Separate Kitchen tents with staff provide  food to Guests.  There is silver color sand on banks of river Ganga ,that's why Camps near River Ganga are called Ganga Beach camps.

Camps At Rishikesh

There are many Jungle Camps & Ganga Beach Camps located at river Ganga , In jungle camps electricity & attached toilet facility is available in tents, In Ganga beach camp toilets are separate ( dry pit toilets) , and tents are without electricity.

Expeditions on River Ganga & Alaknanda

If some one want to enjoy real fun of rafting than expedition is meant for him , in expedition ,rafters carry their luggage in cargo rafts and after full days rafting they pitch their tents on deserted beach, cook food on sandy beach ,next day after breakfast start their rafting trip again. But in metro cities people don't have enough time for expedition , For those people Hamara Holiday have launched  Nano Rafting Expedition , It starts on Saturday morning and end on Sunday afternoon. Details for Nano Expedition.


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